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All in a day’s work Part 2

All in a day’s work Part 2

All in a day’s work continued… One month later 7th January 2010 One week into 2010 and Varun hadn’t stopped partying. He still kept his promise of making everyday feel like a new beginning. In the past one month, he had done almost all the things he wanted to do all his life. A week ago he bumped into his old friend Tavish. Tavish was one of the weirdest people you would ever find in … Read entire article »

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Now a seperate state for Cyberabad?

Yes you heard it right. Now that a state of Telangana seems almost a reality, there is a fresh demand for the formation of a separate state of Cyberabad to be carved out of Hyderabad. The newly formed Cyberabad Rashtra Samiti has called a band, dates for which depend on their respective manager approvals. The so called Chief Minister of the so called state of Andhra Pradesh has urged CRS to withdraw their band call; else strict action will be taken against them. In an interview to, the president of CRS was asked about what he had to say about the CM’s appeal to the party, he simply responded by laughing. Here is an excerpt from the interview: Sesible-bakwas: Sir what is the rationale behind this particular demand CRS: “Even though Cyberabad … Read entire article »

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Somebody’s got a luck real bad

If I were Manu Sharma I’d be probably telling a fellow inmate right now “How bad could my luck get? First the whole media gangs up against me to make sure I go to jail, then when i quietly get out on parole on the grounds that my mother is sick, she goes and addresses a press conference, which thankfully nobody in the media noticed, at least not at that time, then all i do is just party out for one night and here I am back in here with all you guys!“ No matter how big a devil i think this guy is, I really couldn’t help laughing at the guys luck. I would probably like to file a RTI to get the names of the sons of rich politicians … Read entire article »

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Wake up Tavish!!

Wake up Tavish. This is what I titled the lecture I got from mom after we had seen Wake up Sid. I get a lecture almost every single day from mom, but this time there was this weird sense of inspiration that if the Sid can “wake up” so can this guy. The dialogues were the usual ones though and the conversation ended with “Teri biwi ne mujhe galiyan nikalni hai ek din, kuch nahi sikhaya apne bete ko bas bhej diya”. I too had my usual counter arguments.Little did I know a few days later I would have my very own “Wake up Sid” experience though. No, my mom never threw me out of the house(thankfully the inspiration wasn’t that much). I shifted into my friend’s place for a … Read entire article »

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