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All in a Day’s Work

The following story is of a guy called Varun.  Varun was a hardworking young chap, working in the marketing division of a multinational. His life revolved only around meeting sales targets. His routine used to be pretty simple.  He would get up with the buzz of the alarm clock, get ready quickly and drive down to work on his good old Passion. 9 o clock and our good old Varun was there in office every day and would straight away get down to planning his day at work. Well this is how his day generally used to be like. But today god had a change of plans for him.

Varun was busy working at his desk when the peon came and told him “Hari saab bula rahein aapko” Hari was Varun’s boss, a 40 year old, hugely over weight fellow. Hari generally had a very serious face most of the time, but today when Varun entered his cabin, to his surprise he actually had a smile on his face. Varun knocked on the door and came in.

“Hari, you wanted to see me?” he said.

“Oh yes! I have some good news for you.” said Hair. “We are promoting you to the post of Senior Sales executive. You are going to love this job; it’s a whole new challenge and a lot more responsibility.” Varun smiled back and thanked him. As soon as Varun went out of the room, there was a huge applause and everybody congratulated him, some genuinely happy, some not so genuinely.

That evening Varun called his good friend Vikrant. They had both been friends since school and were together in college too. It had been a while since the two had spoken. Seeing the name Varun flash on his phone he immediately picked it up and said “Oye!! Kya haal hain? Bade dino baad yaad kiya?”

Varun answered “Aree yaar tujhe toh pata hi hai, kaam itna zyada hai”

Vikrant interrupted “haan yaar pata hai ,tere ghise pite targets shargets, anyways aur suna, what’s new?”

Varun then broke the news “Well I got promoted today, to senior sales executive”

Vikrant was elated “Oye fabulous!! So finally you did get rewarded for your lousy work, anyways that calls for a celebration, so aaja aaj ghar pe, we’ll have a drink together. We have loads to catch up on. You can stay over at my place tonight.”

So that night Varun was at Vikrant’s place, they both started talking, had a few beers to drink and then dinner. By this time they were both high.

Vikrant then started off “Kya life hai yaar meri. I feel like I am bloody jailed in that stupid cubicle of mine, coding software for these stupid Americans. Good for you though. Promotion mil gayi, ache khase paise kama raha hai. Sahi hai yaar.”

Varun, who was equally high replied “Yeah right! You think I am happy about this damn promotion? It only means more ghise pite targets. That’s all. Let’s face it yaar, we both are a couple of losers, nothing else.”

Varun started laughing. “Anyways” he said “let’s check what’s on the news.” He put on the news. There was unusual excitement there. There some discussion going. “Kya hua” Vikrant said “Koi bomb blast hogaya kya?” It took a while before the two drunken friends could actually realise what’s going on. There was a panel sitting there made up of a guy from nasa, an astrologer and the news reader.

Varun all of a sudden saw the date shown there on the channel, it was 19th of December 2012. He jumped up all of a sudden and said “Oh! Its the20th of December tomorrow! That’s why all this excitement.”

Vikrant said “kya hua? Kissi ka birthday hai kya aaj?”

“Are nahi” Varun replied “Tomorrow the world is supposed to end. You remember that whole 2012 thing?.”

Vikrant started laughing loudly “yeah yeah I do. But these guys are actually sitting here and discussing that? They should be here drinking beer with us!”

Varun started laughing and said after a while “Hey what if this is true? What if we are all going to die tomorrow? “

“good for you” said Vikrant, ”No more targets for you!”

“and no more coding for you” replied Varun. They both started laughing.

“But hey coming to think of it” said Vikrant “What plans tomorrow? Don’t tell me you are going back to work and doing the same ghisa pita kaam tomorrow. Hey you know what? Let’s do everything that we have always wanted to do all our lives.”

“Like what?” asked Varun. “Oh come on!” said Vikrant “Think of all the things you have wanted to do in your life and haven’t been able to do? For instance I have a dream of being a rock star. For once I want to hear the crowd scream “Once more! Once more!” For once I want to hear the girls in the crowd shout “We love you Vikrant!” I know I am sounding really stupid to you, but it is a dream and I just have one day left to achieve that. Isn’t there anything that you want before you got to say good bye to this planet?”

Varun was constantly laughing all this while.

“Oh come on!  Stop laughing there has to be something!”

“Well” said Varun “There are things that even I wanna do. I wanna go all around the world in a hot air balloon. I wanna go drive a Hayabusa at 140 miles per hour. Besides these fancy dreams, I do want to go meet up with friends I haven’t spoken to for ages. But let’s get serious here, we aren’t going to possible be able to do all that in just one day!”

“Why not? We can at least try! Hey let’s do one thing, let’s call for a college re-union tomorrow morning. We haven’t met many of them since years, let’s do it tomorrow. Let’s just call whoever is in town, And may be your love Sonia will be there too. Ha ha ha.”

“ha ha very funny, but you sure you want to call people at this time of the night? Its pretty late.” Replied Varun.

So, what do you want to do? Dude, we don’t have any time!”

So at 2 AM these guys got down to calling everyone whose contacts they had.

After 2 hours Vikrant, who was done with his list said “Well I managed to get Sarat, Khalid, Sweta and cute old Sally to make it tomorrow. I told those guys I had to catch a flight tomorrow afternoon so let’s meet up before that. They were all game for it. So who have you been able to get in touch with?”

”Well I just got off the phone with Sonia and she is coming” said Varun blushing. “I couldn’t really get in touch with anyone else”.

Vikrant retorted “You liar, I bet you didn’t even try calling anyone else!”

Varun started laughing “I was just kidding, I did speak to Sid and Mauli too, they would be coming.”

So the plan was set. They would all meet up at 11 am in the morning.

“So what next?” said Varun “Hey lets go biking. what say? Just like we used to during college.”

“Sure lets!” said Varun, his eyes all of a sudden lit up.

So they both went down and took out their bikes, Varun his good old Passion and Vikrant his Pulsar.

“You seriously want to drive that stupid bike on what could be your last day? Wait I got the keys to Raj’s Karizma, take that. Before you say anything, the guy isn’t even here, so there won’t be any problem. So where to?” said Vikrant.

“Lets just go. Forget about where, lets just go.”  Varun replied.

So they just took off without a thought where they were going to go. They drove for half an hour and came near some really beautiful looking hiils.

“God! Can you believe  it’s been 3 years since we came here?” said Varun, stretching his arms in the air and taking all the air in at a single breadth.

“Yeah, we are so damn busy in our stupid air conditioned offices that we just forgot about this place.” Replied Vikrant.

They started strolling around, picking up stones and throwing them around, when Varun said “Hey dude, remember  the time when me, you and Sonia had come here and you played that song that you had composed for us? You still remember that?”

“hmmm yeah I guess I do, will sing it when we meet the rest of the guys. By the way we are getting late. Lets leave, we don’t want to get late do we!” replied Vikrant.

The then drove down to the Subway that was near their college. They were late, the rest of the guys were already there. “Looks like some people have changed! We are actually the last ones here for a change.” “Oh shut up!” said Sally, “You guys are the ones who were always late, things haven’t changed at all! Anyways let’s get in and we’ll talk”

“So guys what’s up with you all?” Vikrant asked and before anybody could answer “By the way Sally, boy friend pata liya ya abhi bhi mera koi chance hai?”

“You still stand no chance dude!” said Sally laughing.

The next half an hour was spent in catching up with what everyone was up to.  They chatted for another couple of hours and Khalid said “Hey guys there is this new place called Virtual Tour opened up in city centre, have any of you tried it out?”

“No what’s that?” said Varun. “Well I don’t know but a friend of mine told me its like visiting the whole world while you are right here. Want to go and check that place out?”

“Yeah lets go! What are we all waiting for!” said Varun.

So these guys all went down to City centre. Virtual Tour was on the 4th floor. The place seemed like a space ship. There was a helmet kind of thing, which was put on their head. The whole face fit inside that. Varun was the first one to try it out.

“So which place would you like to visit first sir?” asked the technician handling the whole equipment.

“Hmmm take me to Switzerland” said Varun.

The ‘ride’ had just started and Vikrant exclaimed “Wow! Is this Switzerland? Man this place is amazing! This place is heaven man! Oh and we do have some fairies too.”

“Unfortunately though, you can’t hook up with any one of them.” Said Vikrant jokingly.

They all tried their turns one by one. Varun took a trip down to Egypt, while Sally wanted to see Paris. Sonia wanted to take a trip to Hollywood, while Khalid took a trip around Singapore.

After the joy ride these guys had, they went down to have dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant.  Throughout dinner they were sharing their respective journeys to different parts of the world. \

There was a band playing out there in the restaurant.  Khalid knew the drummer there. He quickly passed on a message asking them to call Vikrant up on the stage and sing. When they did Vikrant went up and sang the song that he had written during college. Everyone in the place just loved it. They all stood up in applause when he finished and started shouting “Once more! Once more!”  It was tough to get Vikrant off the stage after that. They finally managed to get him off only when the restaurant owner said its time to close.

After dinner they went back home. Varun went down to Vikrant’s place. Once they were there Varun said

“So, we did manage to achieve what we dreamt of today. I had my world tour and you got a chance to be a rock star. He he he”

“Yeah!  “ exclaimed  Vikrant in agreement.  “you know what? In case we survive today, you can write a book called ‘Around the world in 2 hours.’ Ha ha ha’

As he was saying that there was a huge sound of thunder, a sound they had never heard before. A huge lightening came and hit their faces, Varun covered his eyes with his arm and….”


It was the alarm clock ringing and Varun woke up gasping. “Am I in heaven? Holy crap, what’s the damn date today?” Varun asked himself. He went outside and got the newspaper. The date was 5th December 2009. He just stared at the paper and broke into a fit of laughter. The phone rang, it was Vikrant “hey dude! What’s  up, long time! So aaj ke kya targets?”

Varun just smiled at himself and said “Aaj ke targets? Aaj bohot khaas targets hain. Milega toh bataonga, Bol kab mil raha hai.”

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Tavish is the administrator and founder of Sensible Bakwas. He is a software engineer by profession and a writer by passion. In case you want to get in touch with him, he is an email away at Hope you enjoy your time here. Do leave your feedback in the comment section here.

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  1. IIM ka Sarkari Babu says:

    Varun? Sales? Bhai koi HR wale ke baare mein bhi likh lethe 😀 BTW, I want to learn driving before I die 😀 And I also wanna get married, so when I face death, I won't feel the fear 😀

  2. Madhu | says:

    Thanks for your comment Tavish..

    A dream with a crash land to reality 🙂 . Good one..

  3. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Sarkari babu: waise tere bare mein hi soch raha tha when I named the character Varun. 😛
    fikar na kar tere size ki ladki 2012 tak mil hi jayegi, tension nahi leneka lol

    @madhu: Thanks for the comments. 🙂

  4. Abhi says:

    Sorry to say this, but I expected much better… Anyways keep blogging…

  5. anshuj says:

    Nice one…
    I think "Rocket Singh – Sales man of the year" is inspired by your story… Lol 🙂

  6. Karthik says:

    Enjoy till your last breath!
    It was a very nice read, Tavish. Enjoyed reading.
    All the best! Cheerios! 🙂

  7. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Abhi: critisim taken gracefully. This was actually the first attempt at something totally creatuive… the previous two had something or the other to do with my life or someone I knew. Thanks for the comments anyways. 🙂

    @Anshul: hehe thanks. 🙂

    @Kartik: Thanks for your comments! 🙂

  8. Harsha Chittar says:

    Good one, it was a little long but was a nice read.

  9. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Harsha: yeah I know the length is a little too long, but am glad you liked it. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

  10. Shruti says:

    It was really long! But stil loved it!!

  11. Roshmi Sinha says:

    A good read. A day in the life of a salesman… What… ???

  12. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Shruti: Yeah i know it is pretty long. I realised it the moment I published it. Just didnt feel like removing anything there.

    Am glad u liked it. Thanks for the appreciation! 🙂

    @Roshmi: hmmm its more like "A day we all need to have" at least i need one like that desperately hehe

    Thanks for appreciation!

  13. Shalini says:

    Hi Tavish.

    Very good read. Good luck to you! And thank God we are not in the December of 2012! 🙂

  14. Dhiman says:

    Thank God its not 2012 :D…. Nice lot of things to do before we die :)…

  15. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Shalini and Dhiman: thanks for the appreciations! Yeah seriously glad we arent there yet.

  16. Nethra says:

    For awhile, I suppose that world will end on 21st december 2012 and I don't believe it other times. Anyways, it was a nice read.
    All the best! 🙂

  17. Mahesh Kalaal says:

    Quite lengthy but interesting read…
    Could be bit concise…

  18. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Nethra: Thanks fot the appreciation. 🙂

    @Mahesh: yeah i know the length is really huge and I could have made it shorter. Will try next time.
    Thanks fot the appreciation. 🙂

  19. Yemiledu says:

    Wow! Thats a nie story! Totally creative…And the narration was good!

    I have got soo many dreams too and I am going to make them all come true sooooooon 🙂

  20. dilontherocks says:

    Thats an awesome dream. Make it a reality. I meant catching up with frnds ..not 2012….

  21. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Archana: Looks like I have inspired some people here hehehe
    Anyways thanks for the comments. Means allot coming from a regular reader like you 🙂

    @dilontherocks : ha ha ha well yeah i will definitely make these dreams come true, and ya not 2012 wala hehe
    btw like that name of yours dilonthe rocks. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

  22. Saimanohar says:

    linked to doomsday.. nice one..

  23. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Saimanohar: Thanks!! 🙂

  24. Gyanban says:

    The thought flow was nice, would have been super with some editing.Otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable post.

  25. Tavish Chadha says:

    @gyanban: yeah i know the post was really long. I could have made it shorter. Thanks for the encouraging comments! 🙂

  26. Ayswarya says:

    Loved this one Tavish!! Everyone of us can relate to the ones in the story.. Now I have to think about things I want to do before I die.

  27. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks aysh 🙂

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