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Seperate Telangana: Is it the right solution?

Till 12 days back, nobody outside Andhra Pradesh had even heard about Telangana and now the whole country seems to curious to know what’s all this about. Since the past 12 days life in Hyderabad has virtually come to a standstill. Petrol pumps had been closed; schools and colleges had been shut down. So for all the people wondering what the fuss is all about, here are the facts.

History behind Telangana: 

Andhra Pradesh as we know it today (or probably as we knew it till yesterday) was originally made of 3 parts namely Andhra, Telangana and Rayalseema. Since states were to be formed on linguistic lines after independence the three regions were merged into one state called Andhra Pradesh. People of Telangana were never happy with the decision. They feared all the resources that belonged to them would now be diverted to the other regions. They also felt that they would be neglected when it came to government formation and education. There was an agreement signed that was called the gentleman’s agreement. This agreement provided reassurances to the people of Telangana as well to the people of Andhra in terms of power sharing as well as administrative domicile rules and distribution of expenses of various regions.

This is not the first protest that has taken place for the creation of the state of Telangana. There was one in 1969 which was more violent when compared to the present one. The reason this protest took place was because the gentleman’s agreement was going to lapse that year and they wanted that to be renewed. Even before this protest there was severe discontent among the people of Telangana regarding the agreement’s implementation.
So why do they really want a separate state? : 

There are two problems here: one is the age old water problem. The two rivers, Godavari and Krishna flow through Telangana, but most of the water is diverted to Andhra and the rest of the regions. The people bearing the brunt of this are the farmers. AP has seen thousands of farmer suicides because of this. The other problem being that none of chief ministers till date have been from Telangana, also most of the jobs in the government sector are going to people of other regions, so the Telangana region has never been on their priority list. The argument of most of the “Telanganites” is, that, if there is a separate state of Telangana; they can start focusing on the development of the region.
What do people of the Andhra region say about this?

People from the Andhra region say it’s going to be horrible if the state is bifurcated. The problem here too is the water. The new Andhra Pradesh will be left without any water resources and would have to be dependent on Telangana for water and they fear the new state of Telangana would never release any water to Andhra Pradesh.
Problems forming a separate state of Telangana: 

There are way too many problems in forming a new state. The first problem that needs to be sorted out is the status of Hyderabad. Both the regions claim Hyderabad to be theirs. Well the solution to this problem could be giving Hyderabad the status of a union territory and the capital of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, which is what happened in the case of Chandigarh. The other problem is that if Telangana gets separated, Rayalseema would also want to separate and the Andhra region will get split into Uttar Andhra and Costal Andhra. So eventually the Andhra, as we know it today, would be divided into 5 parts: Telangana, Uttar Andhra, Costal Andhra, Rayalseema and Greater Hyderabad. Then there is the demand of forming other states like Gorkhaland in west Bengal and Vidarbha in Maharashtra. The government will soon find it tough to resist the demand of separate states like these.
My opinion: 

I have been living in Hyderabad for the past 20 years and till recently I wasn’t even sure if my house comes under Telangana or Andhra. You may call me ignorant, but the fact is it never really mattered, for I was an Andhrite and nothing else mattered. Till yesterday I had never asked any of my friends whether they are from Andhra or Telangana. However since I had to write a post I have had to ask them this question and trust me, it made me feel weird. I wonder why, a chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, can’t behave like a chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. Why has the problems of the Telangana people been neglected for so long? It’s not as if this problem has just surfaced, it’s a problem the politicians have known since ages. Now that the problem is there, is a separate state of Telangana the solution? No, it’s not. Is continuing to live as one state like we always were, the solution? No, that’s not the solution too. The solution lies in targeting the problem, not in creating another one. If misuse of natural resources is the problem then the government should take immediate steps to ensure that this gets corrected. People of all the regions should start voting for people who speak of inclusive development of every region, rather than development of just their respective constituencies.
It frightens me when I think of the future this country could have if states were to be created as per the current demand. I just looked up on the net for the figure and it was frightening. The number of states in the country could go up to 50. Even a small state like Meghalaya wants to be divided into two states. Till what extent can this go on? Are we going back to having a country that is made up of 550 small princely states? The thought scares me. When we were in school we were taught “United we stand, divided we fall”, looks like we all need to go back to school and re-learn that.
Well this was my opinion, others may have their own. Do share your comments but please no hate comments or mudslinging at any community or region.

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10 Responses to "Seperate Telangana: Is it the right solution?"

  1. Rajesh Kanka says:

    Being an andhrite settler you are logically aligned with single state. Atleast you know correct part of the history regarding the telangana to some extent. But most of the people in AP, thanks to the govt endorsed history school text books that give little information, do not know that telangana always wanted a separate state. And they still consider it as political ploy not in the best interest of telangana. But actually single state is more favorable to andhrites compared to telangana. Even after 50 yrs of staying unified nothing has been done for the sake of telangana upliftment except for the few years of Babu rule during which not only hyd but whole telangana had seen some apparent development. But still telangana faces the brunt of suppression from yester years in terms of unequal distribution of water, industry, education, mineral and electricity. Thousands of small scale industries that flourished before the unification and several large industries set up by Nizam are now either completely closed with lands sold to andhra realtors or had been taken over by Andhra enterprise. Thanks to few years of Babu rule telangana people attained political awareness and had become aware of what actual development atleast looks like. However this was only a small fraction of the development compared to what andhra region had seen during the same period. That was ofcourse the progressive period in entire india instigated by the PV's liberalization policy and subsequent FDI's. Even Hyd only developed because of the same FDI's in IT industry. Still hyd lags behind Bangalore even though before unification it was the second largest and most turbulent city in South India. Now hyd stands behind Bangalore in third place in even population and growth. So i do not agree with what so many say about developed Hyderabad under unified state. The great migration of andhrites in short period has turned Hyderabad into a congested city with loss of its beauty. Hyderabad before unification was know for its beautiful gardens and lakes that have now turned into residential and commercial complexes built by none other than andhra realtors. The artery of the city once known for its lush water, MUSI has metamorphosed into a complete sewer under unified state. Several farmers who relied on the tanks and reservoirs are now devoid of these resources because of the inadequate maintainence and enroachments. Even the rainfall that was the main source of water for the fields have declined, thanks to irregular afforestation in telangana. This added to the recent political statements by everyones beloved late YSR just before the elections in andhra region that if telangana forms andhrites will be thrown out of hyd, had hurt the telangana people's sentiments. Can you believe that eventhough andhra people settled all over telangana for 40 years, never did telangana people target them with serious violence. On the contrary we know about several anti non-local riots and agitations in Mumbai and Bangalore(recently against telugu films). So its illogical to think that only TRS has instigated telangana issue. Now it is the time to peacefully seggregate and keep our bonds secure and safe.

  2. Yemiledu says:

    Hey Tavish!
    I was thinking to write about this issue.I am gonna write that soon!

    I completely accept with your opinion and that was a nice presentation about the history AP.

    Neither did I care to ask/wonder I belong to Telangana or Andhra.. until a few days ago.

    I completely accept with your opinion Tavish. United we grow and divided we fall.

    I don't want AP to divide nor any state in India…adn this is just not because I am an Andhrite…I

    It's all a political drama and sad few ppl of telagana are falling for it 🙁

    Lets hope we don't divide and in peace.

  3. Yemiledu says:

    @ Rajesh Kanka.

    Hello! Its interesting to know your opinion.
    Might be true that industries that belonged to Nizam were closed down but isn't it stupid to say that Hyderabad got congested and populated cause ppl from Andhra migrated??

    What are you saying dude? This is a free country and anybody can live anywhere!

    And you blame for building residential complexes and stuff????
    Hyd is the most beautiful and developing city in AP. And the reason obvious is its mixed culture that attracts growth, development and opportunities for everyone of us in AP.

    Telagna ppl never did target other people with violence.
    True …very much true…we were all living in harmonny until TRS instigated an issue and made it too sensitive.

    As Tavish said, the solution to an issue is not making another issue out of it. But rather targetting the issue itself.

    And the issue must not be about Telangana or Andhra or RAyalaseema…but Development,peace and equality.

    Telangana issue is a result of one big political drama……..which unfortunately has inspires ppl to fight with one another.

    I only Hope this issue ends soon with an appropiate solution and peace to all.

  4. Tavish Chadha says:

    @rajesh: Thanks for your comments. It was informative to an extent. Well as far as I am concerned, my roots are in Punjab, I wasnt born here, just brought up here and I have been living in hyderabad which is considered a part of Telangana. Anyways as far as my stand on the seperation is concerned its a matter of principle. We have faced a partition of our country and we all know we would have been better off without that. As you rightly pointed out Telangana has been neglected, I dont think anybody can disagree with that. Also like you pointd out during the time of Chandrababu Naidu Telangana did recieve some development. That just goes to prove that good governence can lead to development. Electing these good leaders is up2 us. If we(Andhrites and Telanganistes) elect corrupt leaders, how can you expect them to deliver? Anyways i respect your views, whatever happens I just hope its for the better and hope it happens peacefully.

  5. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Archana: Thanks for your comments and thanks for endorsing my views. However as I said in my earlier comment in reply to Rajesh, whatever happens I just hope its for the better and hope it happens peacefully.

  6. Tavish Chadha says:

    @Everyone else who replies:
    It would be great if this comment section can be used in a constructive way to share our opions and agree on a common solution.


  7. IIM ka Sarkari Babu says:

    I will write a post soon to follow up on this post, but let me say one thing, that may be a bit controversial…

    When Channa Reddy was made the CM after he raised the Telangana Issue, he could have done something about Telangana, so must have PVNR, when he was the CM (and later the PM) – they both hailed from Telangana…

    Telangana has fertile lands, but not more fertile than the coastal Andhra… A unified state is necessary for the overall development of the Deccan region.

    I am not saying that the region's development should be stalled, but am saying that the elections could have been used as the t platform for this – TRS was humiliated in that. So it's natural when ppl say that this was a stunt KCR, especially since it's just a few months since the death of YSR.

    Smaller states just increase the expenditure and are not a solution. If the people of Telangana do not empower themselves, even a separate state won't do them any good. This is a fact, as proven by Jharkhand and even Chattisgarh.

    Mayawati wants separation of UP to save her own arse in the upcoming elections. If this goes on, India will be divided, into 50 states. This cannot happen.

  8. dilontherocks says:

    End of the day its not going to make a difference to you and me. Yesterday somebody was robbing us and tomorrow somebody else will.
    Thanks for finding all the facts though..

  9. Navjot says:

    All cultures which have assimilated different people have prospered and when the downfall comes it comes with prejudices and discriminations. The most potent example was the Roman Empire. Raja Ranjit Singh and all other great Indian rulers had nav-ratnas who assisted them and they were not necessarily from the same race, religion and region. When I came to Andhra Pradesh 20 years back, it seemed the best place where differences were accepted. Various leaders in their own styles have given Andhra Pradesh a character which has made a place for it on the Indian mainstream and has also made it prominent globally. It an entity that has to be reckoned with!
    With division what will the regions be like? They will be small fragments which do not really command any attention, interest and authority. Take Himachal Pradesh for example. What do we think of it, really speaking? It’s got a Shimla and a Manali and is just another obscure place only remembered when the need arises. Otherwise it is out of the mainstream and from every one’s mind. A similar thing will happen to the small states. They will really cease to matter.
    For Andhra Pradesh it will be a sad day when that happens. Together it has carved a place for itself but divided it will not mean a thing. The differences will still continue.
    Today when we think of IT, we think of Andhra Pradesh. Today when we think of sports we think of Andhra Pradesh. There are many field in which Andhra Pradesh has been marching ahead as a leader, be it Biotechnology or Real Estate. Things will fall apart if we become divisive.
    I do not blame any leader of Andhra Pradesh for not doing what is required but they can be faulted for not doing enough. The state has made major strides and is a destination for the world. I hope the people and leaders rise above their petty and non materializing concerns and forge together a strong Andhra Pradesh which will be an example for the rest of India.

  10. Yemiledu says:

    @ NAvjot

    That was so enlightening.

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