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Now a seperate state for Cyberabad?

Yes you heard it right. Now that a state of Telangana seems almost a reality, there is a fresh demand for the formation of a separate state of Cyberabad to be carved out of Hyderabad. The newly formed Cyberabad Rashtra Samiti has called a band, dates for which depend on their respective manager approvals. The so called Chief Minister of the so called state of Andhra Pradesh has urged CRS to withdraw their band call; else strict action will be taken against them.

In an interview to, the president of CRS was asked about what he had to say about the CM’s appeal to the party, he simply responded by laughing. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Sesible-bakwas: Sir what is the rationale behind this particular demand

CRS: “Even though Cyberabad have been the reason why Hyderabad is globally recognised, we have been meted out a step motherly treatment by government. People here have suffered job losses, salary cuts and some lucky ones have had zero increments. What has the government done for them? Nothing, absolutely nothing, enough is enough. We want a separate state for ourselves, so that we can concentrate on issues concerning us.”

Sensible-bakwas: Sir, but how is the government responsible for this? This is all due to global recession.

CRS: Obviously the government is responsible for this. They should have pressurised the central-government to have an IT specific bail-out package. If we have a separate state we will have a law that will make it mandatory to give increments irrespective of the global scenarios. Companies will need approval from the state before firing employees.

Sensible-bakwas: Sir your critics are saying that your party is full of people who have been on the bench for a very long time and hence, don’t represent the majority of the people. In fact you yourself have been on the bench for over 7 months now. What do you have to say about that?

CRS: This is all non-sense. This is a conspiracy to divide us, but we won’t let that happen, we stand united in our movement for a separate Cyberabad. Yes it is a fact that the people on the bench are spearheading the movement, after all they have no other work to do all day. People who are not on the bench do want to be a part of the movement, but are made to work overtime. This is a part of the conspiracy too!

Sensible-Bakwas: Sir how is that a conspiracy? The overtime could also be due to deadlines to submit project deliverables. Anyways sir, what are your other demands and any other particular issues or grievances that you have?

CRS: It is a conspiracy; there is no doubt about that. As for our other demands, we demand that access to websites like Gmail, orkut, facebook, twitter and other social networking sites should be allowed in offices. We are a free country and we have a right to freedom of speech and expression, as provided by the constitution of India. This is not China where websites are blocked left, right and centre. There is also a demand from a section of people who are preparing for competitive exams like CAT and GMAT that classes should be arranged in all the companies, since they are unable to adjust their classes outside with their hectic work schedules.

Sensible-bakwas: Sir but states were formed on linguistic lines in the country. In that case, how can you justify your demand for Cyberabad?

CRS: What are you talking about? We do have languages of our own. In fact, we want the government to recognise our languages as a national language.

Sensible-bakwas: Really? What is you language?

CRS: We speak the language of object oriented programming languages. We have various dialects like, java, C++ etc.

Just when we were about to ask him another question his phone rang. The voice on the other side sounded loud and angry. After he put the phone down we asked him “Was that a call from the party high command?”

“No, it was my HR manager. I have just been fired from my job on disciplinary grounds. I think we will have this interview some other time, I have to go upload my resume on”

Well that was some more bakwas from sensible-bakwas. Stay tuned for more.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

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    LOL…well imagined..:)
    Happy New year to u too…

  3. Mohan says:

    Awesome fun reading this post! Sure, will look forward for more bakwas in the days to come!

  4. 'I think, therefore I am' says:

    fine writing….neat parable of the present day's hyderabad

  5. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks allot guys! I am glad u all liked it. 🙂

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    Great 😀
    Is it a Country or Italian Pizza!!!????

  7. Talking Skull says:

    Hi Tavish….

    Nice one…. In fact, I wrote a similar post on "Independence for Kolkata" on exactly the same date… 🙂

    That kind of sums up the apprehension that the current generation is carrying into the new year of Twenty-Ten….

  8. deepshikha says:

    hey tavish this is too gud n funny….gr88 wrk…gud imagination and well presented…cheers…

  9. Tavish Chadha says:

    @bamulahija: lol i guess so… thanks for ur comments 🙂

    @Talking Skull: I agree with u… we are making a mockery of ourselves… thanks for your comments 🙂

    @Deepshikha: thanks for ur comments 🙂

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    Nicely written. Good work!
    Keep writing!!!

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    ahha was waiting for comments from one of my most regular readers… thanks!!

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    first time on your blog and liked your posts…happy new year…

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    Happy new year to u too 🙂

  14. anshuj says:

    (In Atal ji style)
    Ye achchi baat nahi hai…..

    As an individual among the wide population of cyberabad.. i am supporting the moment from the bottom of my heart.
    i nominate myself as the vice president of the party and hope that everyone will support me. i'll take the moment and party to its peak and force the central govenment to fullfill our demands.

  15. Tavish Chadha says:

    lol… sure dude u r more than welcome to be the vice president of the party… ill fwd the request to the party high command 😛

  16. IIM ka Sarkari Babu says:

    nice one…CRS zindabad…

  17. Tavish Chadha says:

    yeah… jai Cyberabad!… lol

  18. Archana K says:

    Nice resolution for 2010….wishing u a happy and "properous" new year….

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    hehe thanks arch…

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    lol.. nice post..

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    Thanks Ujjwala! 🙂

  22. fantasies says:

    rofl!! I am totally for CRS , or rather multi-CRS , chenNETaai ,bASPlore sounds good too! . .

  23. Tavish Chadha says:

    @fantasies: lol… those names sound great… y dont u start one soon!

    welcome to my blog… hope see u around again sometime 🙂


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    aaaila ha ha ha ha….:D

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