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Fiction 55: For just Rs 5000

Fiction 55 is a form of writing where the whole story has to fit in 55 words.


“What? They expect you to do the job without a gun?” I asked the young man.

He smiled and replied, “Don’t ask me, asked the boss. I just need the 5000 bucks he gives me.”

“What are you doing sitting there!” screamed a voice. “Open the gate you moron! Who’s the watchman, you or me?”


P.S. While I waiting for a friend, I had the chance of speaking to a watchman standing outside the gate. He was a young looking guy, dressed in a dark blue uniform. Having nothing to do while I was waiting, I started talking to him. After I learnt he was getting just Rs 5000 for this job, I asked him why was he even doing this? He told me, he was doing this so that he could fund his college education. Others he says do it for feeding their families. Except at some places, guards usually just have a stick to use as a weapon to fight against unwelcome intruders. The above fiction 55 I just narrated isn’t real. But, the fact is these guys aren’t given the kind of respect I think they deserve. If you ask me, they deserve as much respect as we do, if not more.

P.P.S. The P.S. ended up being longer than the actual post. 😛

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11 Responses to "Fiction 55: For just Rs 5000"

  1. Azad says:

    Somebody once told me, “A writer can take inspiration from things which no other can see”! I guess he was right!! Liked the spirit of this post.

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      Hey thanks Azad, that was a really nice compliment. A very warm welcome to sensible Bakwas. 🙂

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      😀 Thanks VSR!! 😀

  2. mayur says:

    True!! To start with, Instead of Watchman, we can call them Security Guard.
    Theirs is a though job with little pay. Atleast shwoing them some respect can make them feel better.

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      Their job is indeed very tough… its a weird system we have where hardworking ppl are rewarded less… but the least we can do is give them respect… they deserve it…

  3. Parth J Dave says:

    Ahh..what a splendid 55-er! Not only watchmen, we need to respect all our fact, that is one of the most important management lessons!!

    Btw, today I learnt that the English language also has P.P.S!! Hahaha!!

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      yes Parth you are right. They too deserve respect.

      as for the PPS… i too saw it in another blogger’s post. That’s how I know about it. 🙂

  4. S.R.Ayyangar says:

    Its real than fiction because most of the watchmen do this job!

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      hehe I agree with sir… its pretty real… and very sad too! Thank you for your comment and a very warm welcome to sensible bakwas 🙂

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