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I’ll give you clothes and I’ll give you water

I’ll give you roads and reservation for your daughter

I’ll give you the moon; I’ll wipe off every tear

With me around, you have nothing to fear

I’ll wipe off corruption from the face of this land

You aren’t alone; we shall walk hand in hand

I’ll give you peace; it’s your birth right

We will defeat poverty; you are not alone in this fight.

Rice at Rs 2 and free power for the poor

No kid shall sleep hungry, no farmer will commit suicide

I am no messiah; I am just one of you

Vote me in and your lives will be brand new

I’ll give you 9% growth and a booming economy

You are safe in your home; I’ll take care of the enemy

Vote me to power and see the change

Trust me my brothers and sisters, you will see the change

Two years later we are asking the same questions

Questions we asked your predecessor five years ago

Where is the water and where is the road

What happened to the promise of a brighter tomorrow

You gave reservation for my daughter, i thank you for that

But where were you when she was being raped?

You gave us a 9% growth and a booming economy

But the poor man out there is still waiting for the basic amenity

Now take it easy, everything is cool

I told you I am no messiah; I am just one of you

You voted me in, it’s not my fault

You are just the stupid common man, nothing but a FOOL

Written by

Tavish is the administrator and founder of Sensible Bakwas. He is a software engineer by profession and a writer by passion. In case you want to get in touch with him, he is an email away at Hope you enjoy your time here. Do leave your feedback in the comment section here.

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90 Responses to "Fool…"

  1. IIM ka Sarkari Babu says:

    Claps…. Claps… Claps…

  2. Abhi says:

    Thumbs up!

  3. megzone says:

    ekdum jhakaaassss mamu 😀
    now in know why u told varun that he gave you ideas for the next post 😀 😀
    empty promises… thats all these politicos are all about..
    crazy bozos all of them.. thats why i hate politics..
    sigh!! as for your post..
    *double thumbs up* dude 😀

  4. indianhomemaker says:

    Wow. Very well written!!!


  5. Vibhuti B says:

    Hey Tavish,
    You are doing it again!!
    Superb narration, wonderful treatment of the subject and apt words…
    All the best for BATOM 9

  6. Zeenat{Positive Provocations} says:

    HI Tavish,
    This is very well written..and really made me feel. Its brilliant writing!
    Great job!

  7. Shruti says:

    Amazing!! Gearing up for consecutive batom??

  8. Shilpa says:

    too good….. very well written…..

  9. Tavish Chadha says:

    Varun and Abhi
    Thanks guys! It's nice to have my most frequent visitors giving the first 2 comments. 🙂

  10. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks buddy! Well, this idea didn't come from there. That was something different… will prob have that for the next post… as for this… the first thing that came to my mind when I said fool was "if wishes were horses fools would ride them" and then from wishes came the common man and the politician… and thats how this started. 🙂

  11. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks allot! am glad u liked it. 🙂

  12. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks buddy. I am really glad u liked it. 🙂

  13. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thank you so much! I am really glad u liked it! 🙂

  14. Tavish Chadha says:

    Consecutive BAT? hmmm… don't know re… I get a peace of mind when I write… thats all… but yeah I wont mind another BAT 😉

    Thank you so much buddy! 🙂

  15. Nethra says:

    Well, even I vote. Then I must also be a fool. 🙁
    By the way, Nice poem. 🙂

  16. Raksha Raman says:

    TAVISH, MIND BLOWING! You have a new follower from today 🙂 Need I say more? Prose is something that a majority of the writers try their hands at..Poetry normally doesn't appeal to the mass..But for me, it does the trick! TOTALLY AWESOME! I simply loved this man! Looks like you are gearing up for a consecutive win! In any case, ALL THE VERY BEST! 🙂

  17. aativas says:

    Amazingly written .. capturing the contrast in such a few words is indeed difficult but you have done that ..great reading.

  18. Chanz says:

    Wow… I loved this one.. quite a nice idea… Truly loved it..

  19. Saurabh Panshikar says:

    Awesome dude… I was planning to write on the same lines, but I don't think I'd compete with the above!

    I'd like to see a poem win the BATOM this time!

    So All the Best dude…
    Really hoping that you become the Fool of the Month!

  20. Mehak says:

    great!! an excellent take on the topic 🙂

  21. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks Nethra… well i believe people who dont vote are fools too… so basically everyone(including me) is a fool! lol

  22. Tavish Chadha says:

    I am honored to have u in the list of followers… thnk you so much for the appreciations… am really gld u liked it… 🙂

  23. Tavish Chadha says:

    Aatavis and Chanz
    Thank u guys… am really glad u liked it… 🙂

  24. Tavish Chadha says:

    Fool of the month haan? lol… i dont mind 😀
    btw I think u shud still write it… would love to read ur take on the subject.

    Thanks allot Mehak. i am really glad u liked the idea. 🙂

  25. Leo says:


    any other way to praise u bro? 😀 this was wonderful… Good one.. Back to back BATOMs on the cards I think 😉

  26. Neha says:

    hey Tavish, you hit the nail on the head..good one..good luck 🙂

  27. Guria says:

    Awesome! To take poetry as the medium was even better! Worthy of the reigning champion indeed! :))

  28. swayambhu says:

    oh awesome!!!! awesome work!

  29. Mahesh Kalaal says:

    quite comprehensive on the ever happening universal and sempiternal foolishness in the name of few jargons…
    great writing… 🙂
    lemmi consider this for votin 🙂

  30. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks buddy… that was really flattering! Thanks a ton buddy! 😀

  31. Tavish Chadha says:

    thanks allot Neha… am lad u liked it. 🙂

  32. Tavish Chadha says:

    I feel poetry can really be an awesome medium at times since its more readable… Thanks for those flattering comments! 🙂

  33. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks buddy and welsome to sensible Bakwas! 🙂

  34. Tavish Chadha says:

    Hey thanks for that Mahesh!

  35. Someone Is Special says:

    Good One.
    Sensible too 🙂

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  36. Krishna Chaitanya says:

    Sad but true and quite exquisite too!

  37. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks u so much buddy… all the best for BAT

    Hey that rhymed! Thanks for that poetic appreciation… all the best for BAT

  38. Mural! says:

    Well written, poetic, yet very simple in language! I generally have problems understanding poetry but this one was very good tavish!

    Here is my BAT post::Murali – FOOL

  39. Chetan says:

    you how simply and beautifully described the situation of a common man

  40. Rachana Shakyawar says:

    @ Tavish

    Awesome rhythms:) and a very prerogative idea shown:)
    This poetry actually reminds me of the RKLaxman's common man sketches of TOI!

    VEry well depicted..Well done!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  41. Parth J Dave says:

    Waah, waah, waah!
    Kya baat hai, Tavish!!

    You deserve a huge round of Applause for this post!!

    I've no words for this mind-blowing post.. Everything has been said by the comments above..

    All I can say is, you have my Blog-a-Ton vote and I think you are going to win the BATOM title once again, buddy!! 😀

  42. Megha says:

    That was the perfect subject for the topic.

    The poem captured everything and very well writtn. Nice.

    All the Best!!

  43. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks buddy. I am glad u liked it. 🙂

  44. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks buddy… am glad the picture that i was trying to portray came out well.

  45. Tavish Chadha says:

    Hey i too love those cartoons… thanks for reminding me about it! I glad u liked the poem and Keep the Spark ALive.. 🙂

  46. Tavish Chadha says:

    Hey those were really flattering comments buddy… Thanks allot!!!

  47. Tavish Chadha says:

    Hey thanks buddy… well there is a lot more that I wanted to capture… left it aside coz it wud have made it long… anyways am glad u liked it and all the best to u too! 🙂

  48. the Neeraj Norms... says:

    You look like a winner to me… the post raises a zillion questions in my mind… Although we see it happen everytime, we ponder against the situation like nerds… very apt message.. Simply loved it buddy!

  49. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks Neeraj… am glad the message came across.. 🙂

  50. Mural! says:

    I guess you meant Murali, its not Saravana….oh well

  51. Tavish Chadha says:

    ooops yeah…. sorry about that. 🙁

  52. Richa Sharma says:

    The most unique take…
    Looks like the rest of us are truly fools… so busy in the knick knacks of life, we forget the real troubles!!

    And I am reading economics, sociology, political science… all in poetry for the first time 🙂

    Good going!! Kp Up!!

  53. Chatterbox says:

    Brilliant work Tavish 😀

    Best wishes for the contest!!

  54. Tavish Chadha says:

    Richa and CB
    Thanks allot guys. Am really glad u liked it! 🙂

  55. yousuf says:

    good work pal..I wonder how u find time for all of this considering you are in IT the most boring industry today…perhaps thats where your motivation comes from

  56. Tavish Chadha says:

    hehehe… thanks for the comments buddy… it took me 45 mins to finish it… itna time nikalna mushkil nahi hai 🙂

  57. Shilpa Garg says:

    Wow!! Just wonderful and how true too!!
    All the best for BAT-9, Tavish!
    Cheers 🙂

  58. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks for the appreciation Shilpa. I am glad u liked it. All the best to u too for BAT! 🙂

  59. Vipul Grover says:

    Brilliantly written Tavish.. Though i kinda guessed how it will take shape aftr reading the frst verse itslf, bt really njoyd the flow. The last line was superb 🙂

    Nd yeah, u were Blog-a-Tonic of the Month and not Blog-a-Ton of the Month :p

  60. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thank u so much Marshal-ji. I am really glad u liked it. Yeah, I just noticed the typo there 😛 Thanks for pointing it out. The change has been made. 🙂

  61. rohini says:

    Excellent, Man with thoughts…at such an age…grt work…
    U have been tagged…

  62. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks alot Rohini. I am going right away and checking out the tag! 🙂

  63. Lucy Fur says:

    wow…THAT was brilliant!way to go!:)

  64. Tavish Chadha says:

    Lucy Fur
    Thank you so much! Welcome to Sensible Bakwas. 🙂

  65. Gyanban says:

    Congfrats TC- this is a nice satire.

  66. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks allot buddy. Am glad u liked it. 🙂

  67. The Fool says:

    Nice poem, Tavish. Enjoyed it. And congrats on your second consecutive Blog-a-ton. I did not vote for you this time though because I am beginning to get tired of the tirade against politicians. Movies have been doing this for 20 years now. But see nothing come of this kind of tirades. Politicians have remained the same and will continue to remain the same. Unless we have a solution, talking about these things only spoils the mood.

  68. The Fool says:

    Yeah, and thanks for reading my blog post and adding a comment.

  69. S* says:

    Awesome! And congratualtions for winning the BATOM 9. I hadn't seen your post earlier, but if I did, I would have voted for you!

  70. Tavish Chadha says:

    The Fool
    Thanks dude… yeah i know… have been sick of hearing these things too… its just that when i thought of the fool… the common man came to mind… so started writing based on that… anyways am glad u liked it and thanks once again. 🙂

  71. Tavish Chadha says:

    Hey thanks buddy… never mind that u didn't vote… u can make up next time :P… kidding 😛
    am glad u liked it… and thanks once again. 🙂

  72. Yemiledu says:

    Awesome buddy..:)

  73. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks buddy… 😀

  74. wordsmith says:

    hmmm…. 🙂 I like.

  75. Lazy Pineapple says:

    congratulations and well deserved. Truth rings out from your post….

    Really penned very well…

  76. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  77. Tavish Chadha says:

    Lazy Pineapple
    Hey thanks allot buddy… those were really nice comments… 🙂

  78. Roshmi Sinha says:

    Clap! Clap! Clap!

  79. Major.srikanth says:

    Damn nice one dude..

  80. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanq…Thanq…Thanq 🙂

  81. Tavish Chadha says:

    Thanks buddy… and welcome to Sensible Bakwas 🙂

  82. sushobhan roy says:

    hey came across ur blog thru blog-a-ton.. very well written and the satirical humour is beautifully presented.. Kudos to you buddy.. 🙂

  83. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Sushobhan Roy
    Thanks allot buddy… am glad u liked it.

  84. Anney says:

    Well written, mind bendings …

  85. Anney says:

    I like your style.

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      Thank u so much Anney. 🙂

  86. Anshul says:

    I had only word for this…


    Well done buddy.. waiting to hear many more like this from you..

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      hehe thanks buddy… seen u her after a long time… welcome back! 🙂

  87. Paritosh says:

    Good one..

  88. Naaz says:




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