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“Peace” a word that makes me wonder… is it the biggest illusion?

Hello people!!
As my first post i decided to talk bout a subject that’s made me wonder the most. Just today i was reading an article in The Hindu about the conflict in Sri Lanka. 20 years and the battle doesn’t seem to have any peace in sight. The interesting part of the history of the Sri Lankan conflict is its virtually the same as in Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Dafur and many many other such places where one set of people feel totally oppressed and feel separation is the only way out. Why talk of conflicts around the world isn’t this the reason why couple get divorced too?
This isn’t something that’s new to mankind is it? The stronger one has historically oppressed the weaker one. The classic big brother bullying the younger brother scene we are all aware of. but coming to the point of peace, is it really possible or is it just an illusion? Peace if you ask me to define it id call it the longest battle mankind has fought till date.
Well lets start with the scenario i just mentioned a while ago of the big brother-younger brother conflict. Well Iam a big brother so can give a first hand account of what’s it like. As a big brother one always feels he probably has a greater right over things that in reality are meant to be “shared” with their younger ones. For the younger brother its all bout making sure he gets his share which he believes is equal to the big bother and that’s how the conflict starts and there goes the “peace”. Then its the parents job to restore the “peace”. But the fact is the scene repeats the next day or may be 2 days later and there goes the “peace” again. The only difference is that we have no other option but to stay together as brothers and an unwritten peace deal is made hehe.
Isn’t this the same scene that’s there between India and Pakistan with America acting as the parent most of the time. Same is the case with Sri Lanka and the LTTE with Norway acting as the parent, well the only difference is that the parent decided to quit and let the brothers decide for themselves.
But again if you look at it, didn’t the two Germany’s come together? Aren’t the two Koreas trying to come together? So is it just war and desperate conditions that can make people and states open their eyes and think about peace? The fact is that mindsets changed when paradigms changed. But cant man realise this before things reach that stage?
Well its up to you to decide if peace is an illusion or not. Lets pray that people like me who think it is not possible are proved wrong and we have a beautifull world to live in.

May PEACE be on all of you amen!!

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  1. Varun Reddy Sevva says:

    Hmmm… Interesting… Nice work with the ideas.. Just ensure there are less questions in the next one!!! Looking forward to it…

    May the “piece” be with you (I meant the Cake piece!)


  2. ish says:

    hmm…i agree with varun that it is interesting…
    Just the fact that the ideas jump from one to the other a bit fast…

    Still looking forward to the next one…

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