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Quotas – A really bad word for some and a boon for others

Hello ppl,
For all the people who read my blog and are wondering y have I decided to write about it right now, well it’s after reading my very good friend Varun Reddy’s blog post on quotas for minorities that I started thinking about this. You can read his blog at

So here I am with my second post on another topic that I feel very strongly about. Well to start off I was like any other guy who was an IIM aspirant and my enemy No. 1 was enemy was Arjun Singh who probably decreased my chances of getting into an IIM even further by announcing quotas for the OBCs.

I had pretty much the same thoughts going in my head as many others I knew had when this whole controversy happened. The most obvious one being why should some people have it easy when people like me work hard to get into these celebrated B-schools; Wont that increase the caste divide that already prevails in our country and above all wont our great politicians and the elite make full use of the quotas and the people who really need it the most wont really get the benefit.

Well we were having a group discussion at one of my classes at time and we were given this topic for discussion. We finished discussing and Ghirish sir who was acting as the moderator started laughing and simply told us that if this were an IIM group discussion none of us would have got through it. After that he gave us his opinion of the quotas and guys that changed my mind on quotas completely. Here is what he told us:

He was an alumni of IRMA(Institute of rural management Anand) and as a project he said he had to go into a remote village in UP. He said the situation there was so pathetic for the lower casts that it was impossible for them to even dream about getting into an IIM or any good b-school, we so called upper class at least had the luxury to go to an institute like TIME to give our selves a chance. He said even is 1 person got through an IIM or an IIT through a quota system, it would at least give hope to 10 others that they too can do it and later may be a 100. He being as eloquent as he is got us all amazed by what he said, but coming to think of it isn’t it true?

I have seen an example of this myself in my college days. The was this guy who was came from a very poor family in AP and got into my college with an SC/ST quota, was definitely one of the brightest students in the class and is today doing his M-TECH at IIT-roorkee. Iam sure 10 others from his village would emulate his success story. There was somebody else i knew who couldn’t take a seat at BITS Pilani even though he had the required percentage only because he didn’t have the money and had to settle to do an msc. Well if he had waited two years he would probably benefited from the OBC quota.

But then i still do have a problem the way it is being implemented. The lady that comes to cook at my house doesn’t come under the SC/ST quota, neither does she come under the OBC quota and neither is she a convert to Christianity or any other religion which would help her son get a seat in a minority run institute. What does she do? She was asking me the other day what options does she really have to get her son into an engineering college without having to go to the bank taking a loan and i had no answer, but it seriously made me wonder what will happen to people like her? What about the handicapped don’t they deserve to be treated like equals too?

So is it really correct to have quotas based on religion or caste or should it be done on the basis of the economic status of a person? The former way definitely suits our politicians more. But however its done am sure there will be people who will be left out and some who will benefit a great deal from it. But what the government should also probably look at is how the money that is meant to be spent on the education of the poor is spent and the condition in which they are tought. Whatever it may be i think time will tell if these quotas do really help the people its mean for or not? Iam sure we all hope they do irrespective of whether we are for the quotas or not.

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2 Responses to "Quotas – A really bad word for some and a boon for others"

  1. Varun Reddy Sevva says:

    Nice one man.. you put your views da and I just gave a open-ended ending to it actually… And ya, economic status-based quta is the need of thr day, but even that will have it’s fallacies in implementation man… I thoght about that initially, but it’s inded the best solution… all these stuff needs long term planning man, something that the governments fail to think before they pass the laws…

  2. Tavish says:

    thanks man…Honestly yes economic status can be a good way to give quotas but then there are people who show they are poor but roam around in huge cars…the baniyas mainly…so i guess loopholes are there every way u wanna do it

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