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The last surviving tiger speaks up…

June14th 2025.

Man had seen many events through the ages, but never again would he witness an event of this nature. The room was packed with journalists and dignitaries from all over the world.  Cameramen from across the world had gathered to capture this moment, a moment that would mark the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the planet, or perhaps a new ending.

A few minutes later everybody stopped their conversations and turned towards the stage. Four very well built men, followed by three armed guards marched on to the stage carrying a cage. The cage didn’t have a regular inmate; it was the last surviving tiger.

All the cameramen jostled for space, they all wanted to take the best shot possible. A couple of minutes later an unexpected man, wearing a white coat entered the room. He was the famous Dr Dolittle. Without wasting any time, he got hold of mike and spoke to the audience who were now left speechless because of the new development. “Ladies and gentlemen, as you know the tiger you see in this cage is the last surviving tiger on our planet. However, he is very ill and can leave us any moment. But, before that, he would like to say a few words to all of you and to the people watching this live on their television sets. As you can’t understand what he says, I’ll translate it for you.”

As the tiger spoke, Dr. Dolittle translated:

“I am supposed to be the most powerful and feared creature on this planet, and the fact that I am caged even though I am ill and not in a state to harm anyone, clearly shows that the fear still exists. When I was a kid, my father used to tell me that we were the strongest species on earth. He used to tell me stories about my grandfather and great grandfather. He used to tell me about how huge our community was once upon a time and how it started dwindling as man started to encroach upon our land. He always told me that we should be proud of who were and I grew up believing that.

The, one night when my mother went out to hunt for us, she never returned. The next morning we got the news that a poacher had killed her and ripped off her entire skin. I asked my father a few days later, “Dad, you said we were the most powerful species on the planet and nobody could harm us. Then why was mom so brutally killed? Don’t you wish we were humans?” My dad looked at me and said, “No my son, we are the most powerful race even today. Yes, it’s a fact that humans have been gifted with a better brain than us. But with that they have also been gifted with greed and arrogance. They believe they control the entire planet. They believe they can kill all life and still exist, little do they know, their existence is dependent on us. They have forgotten that we are at the top of the food chain and the day we get whipped out, mankind wouldn’t take too long either.” I wish he had told this to you people. But then, you people don’t listen to beings of your own type, what will you listen to us?

Anyway few years later my dad died the same way my mom did, except that this time they had taken the nails too. It made me sad and angry, but as always we had no choice to move on. What would you do if someone kills your mom and dad in such a brutal manner? I am sure you would want to kill that person in the same way too, wouldn’t you? But we have no options. We have to move ahead in life and forget the past.

A few years later I was taken away, locked in a cage and kept in the zoo. There I made many friends; many little kids would come and feel happy when they saw me. Today many of them must be sitting amongst you. I just want to ask them, ‘What are you going to tell your kids about me? How are you going to give them the same happiness that you got when you saw me? Tomorrow when they question you about your misdeeds, what will you tell them?’ By putting a full stop to our race, you have put their existence in danger.’

I want you all to do one thing for me today. Just close your eyes and go back into your childhood. Think of all the people who have been a part of your life, think about all the amazing time you must have had with them. Now, how would you feel if all this just vanishes one day and all the people you have grown up with had been killed? We were sent on this planet by the same god that sent you. We have the same emotions that you people do. I know I can’t change anything, but, I want you to understand that other species have a right to live too! You have managed to put our species in the list of extinct species, but, please don’t do this to any other species again. If not for them, do it for your future.”

June15th 2025

This speech was published on the front page of every leading news paper, but below that was even bigger news – the last tiger was no more. The mighty animal was now officially wiped off the face of this planet.

June25th 2050

The last surviving man dies. Mankind comes to an end.


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Tavish is the administrator and founder of Sensible Bakwas. He is a software engineer by profession and a writer by passion. In case you want to get in touch with him, he is an email away at Hope you enjoy your time here. Do leave your feedback in the comment section here.

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  1. The Fool says:

    You have strongly brought forth the point. Well written.

  2. Shilpa Garg says:

    Wonderful work Tavish!!
    Ah…hope that day never comes! But if corrective actions are not taken now, that day is not far off!!
    Best wishes for the contest!
    Cheers 🙂

  3. Lazy Pineapple says:

    Fantastic story..I especially loved your idea about Dr. Dolittle..speaking for the Tiger…

  4. Bikramjit Singh Mann says:

    All the best for the contest.. a well written article .. and you put it to the point .. ENd of mankind .. if animal life is going to end so will the Human life .. 2050 .. hmm that gives me about 40 years more .. got a lot of stuff to do 🙂

  5. Pins N Ashes says:

    Man never realises that he will end too… 🙂

  6. kavita says:

    Nicely written….good luck for the contest.

  7. Phoenixritu says:

    Yes, by killing all species we are hastening our own end. Well written and all the best

  8. Harini says:

    Man fails to understand that everything is linked. A single link is broken is doom even for human kind. But i guess, everyone thinks, "we are happy now. why bother"?

  9. Smitha says:

    Loved the story! The arrogance of man, that allows him to think that he can do whatever he wants, will be, in the end, his own downfall.


  10. Yemiledu says:

    Hey nice story!
    But was wondering how the extinction of tigers would result in the extinction of man…I am curious to know…

  11. Vibhuti B says:

    Aah Tavish, you have done justice to the topic given. Not only the last tiger speaks but also predicts the unfathomable which may be true!
    If the ecology is not balanced even mankind may dwindle away some day!
    Good job!
    ATB for BPL

  12. Arif says:

    The press meeting concept was interesting, after all what better way to voice? Well written. Good luck.

  13. tmac2271 says:

    That post scared the shit out of me……………….awesome =D

  14. stargazerpuj says:

    very nice… the arrogance and greed of man – very true

  15. Dhaliwal says:

    A good article, but i think you lost the plot when you say Tiger is the king of the jungle. It is not , LION is the king of jungle…

  16. Dhiman says:

    End of mankind by 2050… just 40 more years ….you are scaring me Tavish 😀 …. very nice one ….:)

  17. Tavish Chadha( says:

    The Fool
    Thanks buddy 🙂

  18. Tavish Chadha( says:

    well, looks like man is learning now. its just that I hope its not already too late… thanks for the comments 🙂

  19. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Hey thans LP. Am glad u loked that 🙂

  20. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks buddy. Well it need not be 40 years more if mankind takes some corrective measures soon.

  21. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Pins N Ashes

  22. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thank u so much! 🙂

  23. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks Ritu. All the best to you too!

  24. Tavish Chadha( says:

    That attitude is the cause of all our problems…

  25. Tavish Chadha( says:

    absolutely! Thank you so much for your comments and the inputs you gave to my post. 🙂

  26. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks buddy. Well the thing is that the whole ecological balance would be disturbed. The tiger is the biggest predator and helps keeping the number of hebivorous animals in check which in turn keeps the plants and trees in check… if the tiger goes, this balance would get disturbed/ Moreover today its the tiger tomorrow some other animal would go. There are already so many animals extinct because of man's greedy nature… one fine day this will result in the downfall of man too. 🙂

  27. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks buddy… all the best to u too…. 🙂

  28. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks buddy. Am glad u liked the idea and the post 🙂

  29. Tavish Chadha( says:

    hehehe that was pretty much the intention… its high time man got scared and took some corrective measures…

  30. Tavish Chadha( says:


  31. Tavish Chadha( says:

    oops yeah thats true… anyways no probs… ;ets have a new king of jungle hehe… thanks for pointing that out 🙂

  32. Tavish Chadha( says:

    hehe… it need not be id we take corrective steps… thanks for the comments buddy… all the best to you too 🙂

  33. tikulicious says:

    Very well presented Tavish . Good luck to you

  34. Neha says:

    well written Tavish..the last line was completely out of the box thinking..superb..good luck for BPL 🙂

  35. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks u so much! Good luck to u too! 🙂

  36. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thank you so much Neha for that sweet compliment.. all the best to u too! 🙂

  37. RSV says:

    I guess wordsworth is doing very fine…
    Now the post..
    the LAST day?
    well I don't think it will come ever…we have many people like Tavish with us. eh??

  38. Tavish Chadha( says:

    ha ha with ppl like Tavish around the world may come to end much faster than I predicted 😉

    and yes we r doing fine.. but the team is definitely missing ur presence… any plans of retuning? Please say yes 🙂

  39. RGB says:

    2025 is not too far away. Neither is 2050. Would it just be the tigers that are wiped out by then, and us eventually? They say roaches would live on and rule the planet. Might as well hope to be wiped out rather than listen to the roaches, yuck!

    That was just on a lighter note. But seriously, we need to think hard, do something positive and share our world with people, animals, birds, insects and all living things on this planet (and the next, if they discover life on mars or jupiter, that is!).

  40. evanescentthoughts says:

    2025? At the rate with which they are dying, I wouldnt be surprised if in the next 5 yrs, they get extinct 🙁
    That was a very nice post Tavish. I read it on the day you published, but commenting late 🙂

  41. Tavish Chadha( says:

    yup we def need to think harder… end isnt too far if do nothing about things…

  42. Tavish Chadha( says:

    hehe yeah 2025 does to be an overestimated time frame at times… if we dont buckle up the day wont be too far away…

    thanks alot Avada. Felt nice that you actually came back to read it 🙂

  43. Gyanban says:

    Very well articulated post Tavish. nicely done.

  44. pal says:

    Very nice post, Tavish. Specially, the last piece of news.. about the extinction of man himself!!!

  45. writerzblock says:

    Btw, your 'first composition' was AWESOME 🙂

  46. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks allot GB… 🙂

  47. Tavish Chadha( says:

    That was a last minute addition to the post… gave it the extra icing needed… thanks allot buddy! 🙂

  48. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thank u so much… btw how was this one? 😛

  49. Swathi Pradeep says:

    Great Post Tavish!!

  50. Parth J Dave says:

    Evokes and provokes. Excellent, Tavish!

  51. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks Swati! 🙂

  52. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks allot buddy! 🙂

  53. abd wahab says:

    chaddah ji…
    Dooms-Day 2012.. :p

  54. Tavish Chadha( says:

    lol… ill release a new movie now called 2050 😛

  55. Mahendra says:

    Dear Tavish,
    You wrote about a very heart touching topic. This is true that in a period of few years the almighty of jungles are going to be eloped and all this is because of greedy human being. Today lot of organisation are there to save the tiger but all of them are on papers. These organisation too provide support to poachers so they can remain active and make money on the name of saving tigers.
    Love the concept of your article specially Dr who speaks for an animal.

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      yes Mahendra I know, its really a sad state of affairs when it comes to this bog wild animal… we unfortunately can do nothing but helplessly watch… I am not too sure if all the organizations who are fighting for the tiger are only paper bu some definitely are…. thanks for ur comments and a very warm welcome to Sensible Bakwas 🙂

  56. Aarthi says:

    Hey Tavish,

    it is such a beautifully written piece. So true and sad. The way you have written it through the eyes of a Tiger is really touching.

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      Thanks allot Aarthi for the lovely comments… am glad u liked it… welcome to Sensible bakwas 🙂

  57. Abha Midha says:

    A tale well told. A gr8 post!

    1. Tavish Chadha says:

      Thanks Abha! Glad to see you back here after a long time!!

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