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Tagged – Know me

So I am finally doing one tag. Before Icontinue, I’d like to apologise to all my friends whose tags I have not takenup and at the same time I would like to thank Meghana for tagging me. Ok there aretwo major reasons I am taking up this tag:
1. Not really excited to writeabout anything right now.
2. This one really got methinking.
According to the tag, I am supposed to listseven things about myself that people don’t know about me or at least I thinkthey don’t know about me. I am an open book and there is hardly anything aboutme that’s a secret and that’s why this post took me quite a while to write.Anyways here it goes:
1) This one is gonna be a shocker,but I hardly read. Yes, I hardly readand I am being very honest about that. Till February 2010, the only books I hadread were Hardy Boys, a few books by Enid Byton and 5 Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat.(Shocked? I not surprised. 🙂)  I know this can be hard toimagine especially when you are talking about a blogger who has 2 bloggingawards to his name. But, it’s a fact. This was never an issue till Jan thisyear. But, ever since people began to recognize me for my blogging, theyautomatically assumed I have read hundreds of books by well known authors. Ourconversations would start with my latest blog post and somehow move on totalking about some book by Ayn Rand or Jeffrey Archer and I would just have topretend that I have read some of their books. But yes, I do realise that if my writinghas improved, it’s because I have read other blogs and learnt from them. Since thenI have read quite a few books. To name a couple of them – Alchemist by Paulo Coelhoand Paths of glory by Jeffrey Archer. It’s after reading some these books thatI realise that I really have a long way to go before I can actually call myselfa writer. But to be honest, I still find it tough to finish a book.
2) I hate ordering food in a restaurant: Yup, even if I have been to a restaurant like a million times, Iget really nervous when people ask me order something. Even when it comes toordering for me, I order the same thing that the others do. It’s pretty ok mostof the time, but it can get really embarrassing when you take a girl out andshe asks you, “So what we order?” Trust me, it’s really really embarrassing.
3) I can’t remember complicatedways: Yes, unless the way is straight from point Ato point B, I find it very difficult to remember the way to a place. There’s avery close friend of mine whose house comes after a couple of left and rightturns from the main road. It took me at least 10 visits before I could reachhis house without any help from him.
4) I compose tunes whileriding my bike: I was first going to say, I lovesinging. But, I guess most of you know that by now. You all also know that Ihave composedone song already. But the tune of that piece came up when I was driving backhome from office one day. I compose a tune whenever I am driving, but, theproblem is, I forget the tune the minute I am off the bike. Hopefully nexttime, I will remember to record it whenever I get off the bike.
5) I am a huge foodie: I love food and can eat anything and everything, provided it can getdigested. I am one guy who will never say no when offered something to eat. Mymom must have been one of those lucky moms whose sons have never troubled herfood. The only problem is that I tend to eat a little too much.
6) I am very punctual: Yes, I am very punctual. I reach punctually late to office everydayand leave punctually early too. But when it came to meeting my friends when Iwas in college I was always on time and they were always an hour or two late. Iknew they would be every time, but, I would still be early no matter what andthe best part was that I would always greet them with an annoyed expression.
7) And last but not the least Ilove driving. I can drive for hours and hours together. I just need areason to go out. I do have a weird dream of travelling all around the country onmy bike. I am just waiting to buy a bike that can actually take that kind of ajourney.
Ok folks that’s it from me. I am tagging Vinita, Parth, Guria, Rohini and Chatter Box. Do it only you guys feel like.

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Tavish is the administrator and founder of Sensible Bakwas. He is a software engineer by profession and a writer by passion. In case you want to get in touch with him, he is an email away at Hope you enjoy your time here. Do leave your feedback in the comment section here.

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37 Responses to "Tagged – Know me"

  1. Parth J Dave says:

    What an interesting read, Tavish!

    Learnt a lot about you..most surprising being your rare reading habits! Now I know great writers like you need not read books, it just comes from the inside, right?
    Haha..And I do like your punctuality a lot! 😛

    Thank You for the kind tag, will write on it soon since my readers hardly know me.. Haha! 🙂

  2. megzone says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeee………….. u finally did it 😀
    whoaaa..!!! some of them are things i never knew maann…
    i guess most of them :p
    kabhi apni baat hi nai hui utni..
    tu duffer Gmail pe aataich nai…
    Good to know you more buddy 😀

  3. rohini says:

    nice read….learnt lot of things…..non reader..thats nice…and same pinch i too dnt like reading…
    and hey thnx for the tag..i have this tag in my To DO List already…now ur tag has refreshed my memory and soon i will do this tag…:)

  4. Rajlakshmi says:

    composing tunes while driving!!! hmmm that sounds scary to me 😛
    chalo someone accepts that he doesnt have his way with ways 😛
    nice read 🙂

  5. rohini says:

    hey chek the latest post about the trip!!

  6. Harini says:

    A non-reader who loves to blog :P. You are the 1st I came across :).

  7. Lazy Pineapple says:

    Oh wow..this is a surprise..never knew you hated reading 🙂

    I like punctual I am one myself…

    Interesting read 🙂 will take up this tag soon…thanks for tagging me 🙂

  8. Tavish Chadha( says:

    hehe firstly am not great, I may be good but not great… readin does help big time… i see that everywhere and thats y i have taken to reading now… only to become a better writter…

    am glad u liked my punctuality record but dont copy it… its a pretty bad habit hehe

    would love to read about u on ur blog… hope it is gonna be soon! 🙂

  9. Tavish Chadha( says:

    aree main gtalk pe ata hoon lekin tu nahi dikhti online… invisible reheti hai shayad… ab se chatting karenge roz 😛

    thanks for tagging me… i broke the jinx finally hehe

  10. Tavish Chadha( says:

    ooh thats actually nice to know that am not alone in the "I dont read, but I blog" club 😛

    would love to read ur post soon! 🙂

  11. Tavish Chadha( says:

    scary? y is that? no accidents while I have been singing and driving trust me! lol
    as for ways… haan yaar… had to accept that soon or later 😛
    Thanks for ur lovely comments buddy 🙂

  12. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Hey there is Rohini above you… she is a part of the club too! lol
    I know its strange.. but then strange things do happen and most them happen with me 😛

  13. Tavish Chadha( says:

    I dont hate reading… i just lack the patience to read a complete book… blog posts, news papers are fine… anyways I have started reading… but still gotta start really enjoying it…

    will wait to read ur take on this soon! 🙂

  14. Chatterbox says:

    That was a fantastic tag, helped me know a bit better about you 🙂
    Creating tunes while driving sounds interesting 🙂
    I think of the plots for my stories while driving, I credit this habit to the busy schedule that gives me very little free time to blog 😀
    Thank you Tavish for tagging me, I'll try to come up with this one soon 🙂


  15. Guria says:

    Thanks for the tag!! But 7 unknown thing about me… difficult but interesting! As for the non-reading part, the bloggers who initially introduced me to this world were strict non-readers! An advantage the writers' with an innate ability to spin have that there works are unaffected/never influenced by any famous authors. 🙂

  16. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Well, the thing about driving is that firstly I love driving and its a time i completely have to myself… nobody to nag me or order me around.. that's when the tunes come out… probably that's y u too come up with ur stories when u r driving… 🙂

    will be waiting to read seven things about u… 🙂

  17. Tavish Chadha( says:

    I found them difficult too… but I was surprised to see that I do have many things that people may not know.. more than 7 actually… hehe
    I agree with u, because non-readers do not get influenced by famous authors, they develop styles of their own… but there is allot u gain by reading famous authors too..

    will be waiting to read ur reply to this tag… 🙂

  18. Tripat "Prerna" says:

    wah wah! kya baat hai!

    log on

    i just hope u will like it!

  19. BK Chowla, says:

    Good. Now we know more about you than we did before

  20. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks Prerna. I will check out that link soon…

  21. Tavish Chadha( says:

    BK Chowla
    🙂 that was the intension sir! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  22. deepa kashyap says:

    such a honest post
    thanks to the tag due to which we come to know lot about you !!
    nice one !! keep smiling 🙂 🙂

  23. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks Deepa…. u keep smiling too!

  24. Nethra says:

    I wasn't surprised to know that you don't read much.
    PS: Its not necessary that our works get influenced if we are heavy readers.

  25. Pooja Menon says:

    Liked your composition! 🙂 The fact that you don't read didn't quite surprise me too 'coz even I wasn't an avid reader till 2 years ago. And I have been writing since I was a kid. 🙂 Liked the post!

  26. Tavish Chadha( says:

    hmm am glad someone wasnt surprised about that… hehe
    well, i dont really think that a writter's work needs to be influenced by som other writter… but then donsnt ur writting tend to be close to the style of your favorite writter?
    Again, i dont consider that to b a wrong thing…

  27. Tavish Chadha( says:

    writting since u were a kid? wow! thats nice to know… thanks for likeing both the posts – my composition and this one 🙂

  28. Mahesh Kalaal says:

    wow…..liked your simple honesty 🙂

  29. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Thanks Mahesh. 🙂

  30. tmac2271 says:

    love driving eh? i need to learn how to drive as well cuz i need to get my ass out of nyc while its still good =)

  31. Viyoma says:

    Hmm…interesting!! Esp Point 1..

  32. Bikramjit says:

    Nice tag and the few things that i have come to know about you now.. nice ones .. the secret is out i guess 🙂

  33. Tavish Chadha( says:

    U need to get ur ass out of NYC? Y is that? i thought u had joined the NYPD right?

  34. Tavish Chadha( says:

    Yeah I know that point would be a shocker to many…

  35. Tavish Chadha( says:

    ooh they just asked for 7… abhi toh bohot se secrets hain boss hehe

  36. Nethra says:


    Not at all. My writings aren't influenced by my favorite authors. If you have read my works then you would know that they are all different. One story doesn't resemble the other.
    By the way, Tolkien and JK Rowlings are my favorite authors. You get it now? I haven't written any fantasy story yet.

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