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If god granted me three wishes


This was an essay I had written in the 9Th standard for my half yearly exams. Of all the essays I have written till date this is 1 essay, which changed my life completely. Actually changed my dad’s life more than mine, shall explain why at the end of this post. Here it goes

We all want something or the other at some point of time or the other in life. As a kid all we want is a chocolate or a small toy and as we grow older out demands keep changing. As they say desires are endless don’t they? Well I don’t know about you but here’s what I would wish for.

My first wish would be to ask god to grant me opportunities. To be successful in life I think the first thing a person needs is opportunities. There are many people in this world who aren’t as fortunate as I am, to be studying in a good school and having good clothes to wear. There people who are handicapped or disabled. So the first thing I would want to ask god to grant me is opportunities.

My second wish would be to ask god to grant me the strength to over come obstacles in life. If god grants me opportunities there would definitely be obstacles I would face in achieving whatever I want. Not just this but when ever someone close to me would pass away I wouldn’t want to sit and cry but look at all the people who would
need me at that time.

My third wish would be to ask god to grant the ability to spread happiness and share my sorrows with ever people around me. As they say happiness is doubled when it is spread and sorrows are halved when spread with people. I would definitely be happy when I achieve whatever i’ve wanted to and sad when i am unable to achieve it, what ever it may I would like to share it with the people who are close to me.

So here are the three whishes I would like to ask god as I feel these three wishes are what I need to be successful in life. First ill need opportunities in life then the strength to overcome the hurdles that I would face and finally I would like to spread the happiness I get after achieving what I have wanted to.

Well the wordings isn’t exactly the way it was in the paper I had written, but the reason I wanted post it here is as I said is because it has changed my dad’s life completely. And if there is something nice I’ve done for my dad, its this. My dad used to have this huge phobia that he will pass away when I was 14 since his dad passed away when my dad was 14. When he read this essay specially the second paragraph, it just somehow changed how he looks at me and somehow ended that whole phobia that he was going through and believe me my dad has been a changed person ever since. Honestly it was just meant to get me 20 marks in my exam, but what I got from that was far more precious. Well this was a day that totally changed my life, so I wanted to share this with you guys.
Cheers everyone!!! 

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7 Responses to "If god granted me three wishes"

  1. Varun Reddy Sevva says:

    Man, u thot so deeply.. amazing!!! it would have changed anyone’s life man, let alone ur dad’s… i have to think of ways now to remove my dad’s phobia – called as “varunaphobia” – fear of a jid called Varun 😀 honestly, it was a really good essay…

  2. Yemiledu says:

    Thats an amazing post. You wrote it when you were in 9th standard? Unbeleivable!
    I am wondering now that if god grants me three wishes, I would ask for the same as you.
    Loved it very much.


  3. Hiyaa says:

    Absolutely brilliant flow and very deep thought! very commendable!

  4. Tavish Chadha says:

    thanks allot guys… and thanks for promoting it Hiyaa 🙂

  5. Milan Mehta says:

    interesting thoughts. But are the wishes typically just limited to 3. I think we all consciously or sub consciously keep wishing for more


  6. Tavish Chadha says:

    wishes are unlimited my friend. There is no limit to what we want. God though, does ration it out sometimes. Thanks for the comments and welcome to the blog. 🙂

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