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Hope – Our Best Friend

Life they say is a journey, a journey of learning. This learning my friends would never have been possible had we never fallen and the journey would have ended had we never picked ourselves up and moved on. The reason we do that is called hope.

Years ago there was a brown skinned Indian man in South Africa. We all know him as Mahatma Gandhi – the father of our great nation, the man largely credited for freeing India from the hands of the British. He fought tirelessly for years, with just one weapon – non-violence. What was so special about him? He was like any other man. He was just another family guy. In fact his son hated him to the core and I am sure like any other married man he would have had fights with his wife on a regular basis. I am sure there may have been moments in his life when he would have said to himself, ‘What am I doing all this for? The British may never leave India and all I’ll be left with is a life of a failure.’ But he didn’t stop, the hope that one day, he would breathe in a free India kept him going. Imagine what would have happened had Bhagat Singh said ‘I give a damn about a free India, I want to get married, have kids and enjoy my life.’ So what made these ordinary men extraordinary – They not just had a hope that they would see the dawn of a free India and they kept this hopes alive.

Now let me speak about another great soul – Me! Naa I am just kidding. Anyways a year and a half back, I went on first trekking trip in the Sheravati Valley climbing a hill called Meghane. It was first experience and I had no idea what was I getting into. About 45 minutes after I began climbing the hill, I began to start panting and was hoping it would be over soon. I continued the climb and about 1 hour later the guy leading said ‘We have finished just 10%’. I was stunned. I was cursing the day I sent in my nomination for the trek. Anyways we continued our climb and then around 3 in the afternoon, I gave up and sat down on a stone lying there. ‘I can’t go ahead with this’; I said ‘I just can’t.’ The second in charge called the sweeper was all the time with me. He kept motivation me, very patiently but nothing worked. He almost gave up and one of the villagers who was guiding us said, ‘Listen there are wild animals here, we need to finish before it gets dark so if you aren’t coming we are going to carry on and if you hope to see your family again you will come too.’ Well what can I say, ‘I suddenly gathered some energy picked myself up and started walking.’ It was the hope to see my family again that made me get up and start walking.  A few hours later we reached the peak and well before sunset. The hope of staying alive made pick my feet up and move. Since then I have completed 3 treks and heading for my fourth next month.

Everyday when I go to work I see guards standing on duty, sometimes in the scorching heat and sometimes in the rain, while we sit comfortably in our air-conditioned cubicles sulking and sometimes, working. Most of them earn a quarter of the salary we earn and look after more people we do. I can’t even think of myself in their position. There are thousands of people like that who go to sleep with less than two meals a day so that they can send their children to school in a hope that they won’t have to go through what their parents have gone through.

Hope my friends, is our best friend. It’s always there with us and it always will be – even when we say we’ve lost complete hope. We all have a Gandhi within us all we need to do is trust this friend and keep the hope alive.

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  1. Viyoma says:

    Very true! – Hope keeps us going.
    On that line of security guards, I recall – that every day i see people settled in hutments on the way to work. They smile, they enjoy even in the terrible Chennai Heat – wonder what keeps them going.
    With meager funds and hand to mouth existence – if they are happy – it must be some Hope that keeps them going.

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