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About the author

I am just like any other guy whose trying pretty hard not to be just any other guy. At the moment I am a small minuscule part of the I.T. world, trying to build a name for myself in the world of bloggers. The first time the writing bug bit me was in the 9th standard, when i wrote my first poem. Writing took a backseat a year later thanks to my studies and came back in Jan 2008, in the form of this blog. I started off like many other bloggers, writing random stuff. Till November 2009, I had just about 270 hits from 20 odd posts and absolutely no followers. Since then, Sensible Bakwas has gone on to become a decently popular blog. Blogging has not just made writing a passion, it has also given me an identity, an identity I hold very close to my heart.

Apart from writing, I am extremely passionate about music. Yup, I am a descent singer and an amateur guitar player. I am a complete extrovert and love making friends. I believe there something to learn from everybody. Through the virtual world, i have been able to connect with many bloggers fro around the globe, who have in their own ways, helped me grow as a write and a human being.

I guess, its time for to stop ranting about myself. Hope you have a great time out here.



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